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OLD WEST CHRISTMAS - Tales with a Twist

Old West Christmas -
Tales with a Twist

"A thrilling rollercoaster read full of twists, turns and surprise endings!" J. Robert Evans, Editor-in-Chief, Sierra Heritage Magazine

"A gripping Christmas Classic you'll never forget!" Dolores F. Spurgeon, Professor Emeritus-Journalism, San Jose State University

Spectacularly Illustrated...A Delightful Feast For Your Eyes



Old West Christmas-Tales with a Twist

"Old West Christmas-Tales with a Twist," is an exciting new book t published by the El Dorado County Historical Society and El Dorado Museums Foundation.

The action-packed chapters in this unique and amazing look at Old West Christmas' from 1849-1888 often have surprise endings. They feature original illustrations from legendary artist Bill Anderson, whose work hangs in galleries and museums throughout the World. Pulitzer Prize nominee Craig MacDonald and his father, Professor Franklin MacDonald, Ph.D., researched unique and mostly unknown Christmas stories in letters, diaries, 19th Century newspapers and books throughout the West. Their goal was to both share and save these spectacular stories for future generations.

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